Appointment Diary Book 1

The FES Dental Appointment Books are designed to be very simple to use and easy on the eye. Appointment Diary Book 1 uses much of the available screen to display the diary, with access to many other functions via the toolbar. You can use an assortment of colours and symbols to suit your preferences and tastes.



Patient Treatment (NHS) This facility offers two distinct screen areas, designed to allow NHS (applicable to the U.K only) and Private patient treatments to be recorded. For NHS patients there is also transmission to the DPB. Users can also chart Perio treatment. You can view, as well as scan, all of your images.



Clinical Charting

This is designed to allow both Private and NHS clinical charting with basic Perio per tooth along with B.P.E. Within charting you can view all images associated with treatment such as x-rays and intra-oral.











Patient Treatment (Private) This facility allows private patient treatments to be recorded. There is full integration with Patient Record Card, Medical History, Clinical Charting, Observations, Examination Check, Course Estimates, Patient Account Details. On-chart and full Perio. View, as well as scan, all of your images.








Full Perio

In addition to recording BPE scores and on-chart perio within the clinical charting screen, the FES Dental Perio module allows you to record BPE and other perio indices (i.e. pocket depth, gingival recession, bleeding, furcation lesions, plaque, tooth mobility, inflammation and hygiene) in greater detail.

Option to link On-chart and Full Perio information is available.